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My approach to Dance for groups or individuals


Stillness, rhythm, the body moving, sensing, feeling, listening to the dance enfolding from within. There is a dance which is always happening underneath all the cultural imprints of the body and mind. In learning to listen to this natural flow, dance can become an ecstatic experience..


Spirit of Dance is a dynamic journey for inner transformation, guiding you through different layers of the psyche into a state of meditation, pure joy and coming home. Surrendering to the beat, the dance takes you to a wild place where you connect with your inner power, your bliss, your true feelings, the inner stillness and the mystery of soul. This is about life, about letting go and having the courage to be who you are.


Connecting with your body, listening to the stories emerging from deep within your soul. Sensations, images,

dreams, movements, let the body speak and become a vehicle in order to bring the deepest wisdom, longings and visions into the light. 


Moving from the source, being present in each moment of these soul dances enfolding from within. Letting these natural impulses finding expression into movement, gestures, sounds, words and colors on paper.


Authentic Movement is a meditative, intuitive, improvisational movement practise. It is a practise of listening, attunement, slowing down and opening to a deeper sense of the body and the psyche.


It opens a space where you are invited to recognize what is real, what matters, what really moves and touches you, in other words to become authentic. To dive through the layers of conditioning and get in touch with your inner nature, with truth, with real beauty and honesty.  These guided dance sessions are a transformational journey guiding you through challenging, blissful and ecstatic moments opening a space of deeper awareness and becoming centred within. Authentic Movement is a practise for Life, beautiful, powerful & deeply rewarding.


Private classes                                           80.-


Half private class                                       40.- per person

Groups up to 3 and 4 participants.        30.- per person


Groups  of 5 participants or more          20.- per person

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