Gentle Heart, Wild Soul


Gentle Heart, Wild Soul    


A week for women who want to discover a deeper connection with horses and with themselves.






















































































'Fall in love with life and explore a deeper connection with horses'

This week offers the opportunity to learn from the horses, recognizing your talents and strong points and how you can enfold and live your potential. Learning to listen to the subtle sensations in your body and trusting your intuition and your connection to your horse. They are masters in reading your energy and mirroring your thoughts and feelings back to you.


Therefor you can learn from them how to direct your focus consciously on what you would like to experience. They have the power to touch your heart with their beauty, their power, their gentleness and patience and remind you that in the depth of your being lives the wild soul untamed of civilisation, pure vibrant energy connecting you with the source of life.


Be a magnet for abundance, health and wealth. Reflect on your mind set. Develop tools which support you to find clarity and focus and bring you closer to your goal. Learn about manifesting joy and lightness and find out what inspires and gives you strength to walk your path mindfully. In this way you will learn how to manifest your future from being deeply connected with your own source of love, vision and creativity. 

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The daily movement practise includes meditation, yoga, somatic breath work, ecstatic dance journey’s and rituals which will bring a deeper understanding and sensing of the body and reconnect you with your authentic self, your intuition and your inner powerThrough gentle guidance you are invited to follow your inner calling and to listen to what lives in your heart, letting your soul be touched by the beauty of the horse, the medicine of movement, a healing touch, an encouraging gesture, the rhythm of the music and the energy flow manifesting between you and life.


Aside from the course program there will be enough time to go to the beach or enjoy and relax at the pool, take a walk or discover one of the many beautiful places on the island. 

Besides the horse sessions with Maya there will be one outride organized on request.


Course Fee:  € 895.- 


Accommodation & Meals

(twin rooms with shared shower)

€ 595.-

Single rooms

available for an additional fee.


Gentle heart, wild soul is a journey into your own essence of who you are and will take you through different practises into this vibrant place within where you feel alive and connected to your inner power and inspiration. It is also about learning how to communicate with horses and how you can relate to a horse with sensitivity, respect and clarity, becoming a trustworthy leader. You will discover how to read their body language  and how to understand what it is telling you. It is about partnership and real communication rather then domination.


Biography Maya



Since childhood, Maya has been fascinated by animals. Today she sees herself as a mediator in the symbiotic relationship that can exist between animals and  humans. She believes that the relationship between animal and human can nurture a deep connection with all living beings.



Maya has been riding horses since  her early teens, and has participated successfully in jumping and crosscountry competitions. She enjoys nothing better than a good challenge and as a result has always made a point of choosing diffficult horses to ride. Conventionel riding schools couldn’t provide her with enough of these challenges, prompting her to visit America, where she studied how to work with horses and  learned about their psychology. Coupled with her education as a coach she has incorporated all of her understanding about the special realationship that has existed for thousands of  years between horse and man. Maya feels a genuine uplifting gratitude for what she has learned and enjoys to share her insights. She loves to interact with  horses, Liberty-work and  Circus-lessons are her favorite forms for this special relationship.


Maya feels that one’s inner attitude is very important in life. Frrom her own experience she has learned, how our thoughts and goals can bring about the realization of our heart’s desire.

Der Tänzer

Liebst Du den Tanz?

Das Pferd ist ein Tänzer an Deiner Hand: ein Tänzer in die Unendlichkeit.
Aus dem Schwung, den Du ihm mitteilst, folgt die Leichtigkeit, folgt das Schweben.
Alle Kraft fühlst Du sich unter Deinem Sattel vereinigen.
Das Land bleibt hinter dir zurück. Die Welt fließt an Dir vorbei.
Dein Tänzer trägt Dich davon.

(Rudolf G. Binding)



The dancer

Do you love the dance?

The horse is a dancer at your hand:

A dancer into infinity

Out of the swing you are communicating to him

Follows lightness, 

Follows gliding.

You feel how all the power is gathering under the saddle.

The land stays behind,

The world is flowing by,

Your dancer is carrying you away.


(Rudolf G. Binding)

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