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One to One

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A week tailored to your personal needs and dreams.

Choose your individual dates!


Take a break in nature and experience silence and relaxation. Treat yourself to a few days of yoga classes, body-treatments and an excursion to one of the beautiful places on the island. Recharge your energy and enjoy Ibiza with its ancient olive trees and ever blossoming flowers, lovely beaches and outdoor lifestyle. 


A wellness week includes:


6 nights accommodation incl. breakfast,

4 x yoga and meditation

2 x body sessions

1 x walk/ excursion 


Costs in low season:

€ 795.–   Single room with private shower

€ 695.–   Single room with shared shower


Costs for one week in High season (July, August):

€ 895.–   Single room with private shower

€ 795.–   Single room with shared shower


TIME TO BE! – Days just for yourself


Do you need to deeply relax and regenerate? Disconnect from your daily life, from stress, trouble and worries ... receive clarity about life issues, job challenges, love life? 

With this 6-day program you are offered an individually tailored retreat, supporting your ability to find a new inner balance – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You are guided through a process of transformation in which you can tap into your inner resources, experience fresh inspiration and gain a new perspective. Discover your true potential as you listen to the call of your soul. 

You will tune your body with a yoga practice in the morning and various therapeutic sessions, in order to center yourself in preparation for the next step. 

The course includes 6 nights in a single room incl. breakfast, 4 Yoga classes, 1 counseling session, 1 guided (movement) meditation, and 2 individual treatments and 1 excursion.

Choose between Yoga, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Hawaiian Bodywork Lomi Lomi Nui, Gestalt Therapy or a guided dance journey. There is also the possibility to book an additional session.


€ 895.-  Single room with own shower

€ 795.-  Single room with shared shower   

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Body & Soul Week

A one to one Retreat tailored to your personal needs and wishes in order to free your creative spirit and gain a new perspective in life! 


This week gives you the opportunity to dive deeper, take time for yourself, reflect, listen to the voice of your soul and discover where your passion lays and what really matters right now. It is aimed on the integration of body, heart and soul. Finding a new balance within and reconnecting with oneself on a deeper level again, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Finding your own flow, awakening your creativity and tapping into the healing power of creative process. Exploring with different media’s of the arts like dance, writing, painting or photography in order to discover and develop your artistic potential and finding your personal language of creative expression, the language of the soul. 


The program includes:

Tone up  (in the morning)

Vijnana Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Breath, Meditation & Relaxation

Come home in your body
Body & Soul session’s

You can choose between Holistic Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Lomi Lomi Nui, & Gestalttherapy.

Create, Play & Transform  (in the afternoon) 

Create, Play, Transform (in the afternoon)

Tap into new resources, recognize your talents, explore new territory, live your full potential.

Choose between different individual workshop’s:

- Dance & Movement awareness 

- Painting 

- Photography

Excursions to one oft he many wonderful places on the island can be booked additionally. Beautiful walks will recharge your energy and the healing power of mother nature can awaken the ancient wisdom within your soul.


A Body & Soul Week includes:

6 nights accommodation incl. Breakfast

4 x Yoga sessions (Vijnana Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Breath & Meditation)

2 x Body sessions

3 x creative workshop’s 


Prices Low Season (April, May, June, September & October/ November to March)

€ 1’215.-     Single room with own shower       

€ 1’095.-   Single room with shared shower   

Prices High season (July & August)

 €1’295.-   Single room with own shower    

€ 1’175.-    Single room with shared shower   

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