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What is it all about?

After a mild December and January, winter has spread its wings over the island. I am sitting at my desk with a wooly sweater in order to keep myself warm. Right now there are even snow flakes dancing outside my window.

During the last days I was reflecting on the theme “different dimensions of reality” and the question of purpose in life. I am probably not the only one thinking about this subject.

In the Power of Myth by Joseph Campell he talks about the meaning of myth and how ancient stories give us a deeper understanding about life and its challenges. He quotes in one of his lectures that it is not about “what I want to do in this life” but rather “ I want to feel alive”, experiencing these moments of transcendence, of being in touch with something vaster then yourself and how you can open this door to be deeply connected with the source of existence and the inner source of my being.

There are different realities parallel to our daily life which can nourish and transform us. Did you ever walk on a busy street full of people, cars, noise, fumes of gasoline, advertisements panels, traffic lights, everybody trying to find their way through the crowd? It could be in New York or any big city or even somewhere in India or another eastern country. Pure chaos that slowly gets hold of your inner world.

The feeling of stress is arising and you desperately need fresh air and a quiet space to relax for a moment before continuing your journey to reach your destination.

Imagine that you suddenly pass a cathedral or a temple. Magically your body is walking towards the entrance and you are stepping into the half dark, your eyes can’t see anything. Yet after a few minutes they start to adapt to the darkness and you find yourself in a huge space where silence is radiating from the walls and divine paintings, sculptures and mosaics are capturing you in wonder. The world has stopped for a moment and connects you with something bigger, you can hear the pulse of your heart, your mind gets quiet and you feel the sacred atmosphere being present and filling you with inner peace. After a while spending time with the Saints, the Buddha, the beautiful created stained glass windows or the rich mosaics which cover the floor, you feel ready to go outside and meet the world again. There is still chaos, noise and the craziness of the world, but you feel different, something has lifted you into an altered state of consciousness, something in you has transformed.

Today we are spending a lot of time in the digital reality, some of us almost the whole day. We are so used to it that we are not even aware anymore. We can shop online, we meet our friends over zoom, we can follow a study online which of course has opened new amazing opportunities as well. But we can lost in the digital world and I am asking myself, where has the real life gone?

Do I still see the beautiful tree outside my window, or smell the exotic fragrance of the roses and the jasmine in my garden?

Do I still take the time to have a talk with my neighbour, go to a yoga class or do my shoppings at the small shop around the corner of my home?

Do I still breath the fresh air consciously while walking through the forest where the vibrant green leaves are whispering in the wind and the tall trees are rooted steadfast in the rich soil of mother earth?

I feel it is so important that we are not loosing touch with nature, our inner nature and nature around us. To really feel the earth under our feet, take time to make a walk, enjoy the colours and the sweet scent of the flowers along the way, feel the fresh cooling water of the sea on your skin, feel your body moving & dancing to the beat of the drum. Coming alive with all your senses, emerging in the beauty of the universe and living fully, listening to the calling in your heart, following your dreams, sharing moments with your loved ones and taking time to simply be, being you!

Here are a few suggestions what helps me to stay in touch with my inner nature and my heart, respecting and caring for myself and learning to embrace all that I am. May some of them inspire and support you in your own life finding this peaceful place within.

- Centering within your body with a few stretches, conscious breathing, shaking loose or dancing to a favorite track of music.

- Creating a sacred space in your house with a candle and a crystal or other objects which have meaning for you where you can meditate & relax.

- Doing one thing a day which you love! Ask yourself “what is it that brings me joy and inspiration today?”

- Finding a place in nature or if you are living in a city, going to a beautiful spot where you can recharge and find peace - a place which can become your sanctuary.

My purpose and vision through all these past years was and still is a deep felt calling to create a space where we all can connect with our creativity, explore and discover the healing power of dance, art making and creative writing, thus allowing the creative spark to inspire each of us from within.

Art is medicine,

Dance is healing,

Creativity is like liquid gold,

Emerging from the depth of your soul.

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