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Expressive Art Summer Week

 01. —  08. Juli 2023 

A creative summer week for artists and therapists to gain new insights and ideas, tapping into the creative flow of movement, art, story telling and connecting with the healing power of nature.

Besides the creative movement & art workshops you will learn new tools and ways to promote your own work in a clear and unique way and learn how to become more visible on the social platforms

This will be a unique opportunity for professionals to exchange, learn, research and deepen your own knowledge. In diving into your own process of art making again you will find new inspiration for yourself and for your own work.

This is a further study with a special touch! Join us on this adventure full of  movement, play, music, rhythm, colours & poetry and meet other creators on this wonderful journey into making new discoveries, tapping into the creative source within and reconnecting with the flow of life.

The Team



Sandra Morrel

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Irina Katinka Horvath


Alexandra Herdt

Sandra Morrel

 Sandra Morrel  

Moving from the inside out


This workshop is an exploration into embodied movement and the creative process and bridging the inner and the outer world.


It is about how to stay connected with your power and radiance and communicate from there.


It is about understanding where movement originates from and which movement principles are at the core of movement.


It is also about developing a sense of the body in space and how you are in relationship with the environment and other people in listening with your whole body and your intuition.


All is connected. The breath, the movement, feelings and emotions, a sense of space, rhythm, images and an inner vision are part of creating a powerful and transforming experience of embodied dance. A dance which brings healing and integration, opens the heart and lets the spirit fly.


Learning to move from the inside, finding your own unique body language and the inner freedom to express what moves you. Being present and rooted in your body as well as tapping into the source of your own creativity is the invitation. As you allow each time to listen and let go, the dance will enfold effortlessly touching your heart and soul and reconnecting you with the magical forces of life.


It is a wonderful adventure into movement, rhythm, bliss and inner freedom!


We will work with: 

somatic movement practises, authentic movement, dance improvisation, guided dance journey’s, expressive arts oriented practises & meditation in nature.


Sandra Morrel is a teacher of Movement studies, Dance and Performing Arts who graduated from the High School of the Arts, Amsterdam, where she studied during 5 years Body-Mind Centring, Aligment and Release, Choreography, and different forms of dance and movement practises.

Since many years she is leading workshop with Consious Dance Journeys. Authentic Movement, the 5 Rhythms dance created by Gabrielle Roth, and working with the 5 Elements and Nature has been a great inspiration to her.

From 1098 – 2001 she followed her Yogateacherstraining at the Studio Asana, Amsterdam which was directed by Theresa Caldas. She continued studying Vijnana Yoga with Orit Sen Gupta and received her certification as a Vijnana Yoga teacher in Januari 2008.

She is also a trained as healthpractionner working with Cranio Sacral Therapy (Upledger Institute), Holistic Massage, Energy Healing and Gestalt Therapy.

As an Art of Being teacher (training founded by Alan Lowen), she is leading groups for personal developement, body-mind awareness & communication.

Since May 2003 she lives partly on Ibiza where she founded a center for Yoga, Dance and personal developpment.

In 2022 she started to follow a further study connected to the European School of the Arts in order to become an Expressive Arts Facilitator.

Her work adresses the integration of the whole person, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She supportes you on your way to inner Balance and Healing.

Irina Katinka Horvath

 Irina Katinka Horvath 

Energy,Communication, flow & clarity

With the combination of process orientated psychology, body wisdom, differentiated inner and outer awareness practices in dance, movement, meditation and communication with nature, a space is created where you can gain personal and new methodic insights. This work will support you to develop a sense of flow and inner clarity in a natural and authentic way, to gain deeper insights of your behavior and your ways of thinking and finding ways to open new doors into playing, improvising and expressing your creativity.


In order to connect with your natural flow, we will work with my own developed CHAKRAWAVE Dance meditation as well as going to secret power places on the island where you are invited to connect deeper with mother nature and create your own land art pieces. (installations, mandalas etc.)


This embodied work process is energizing and liberating. It is strengthening your intuition and brings clarity in how you would like to present yourself and become visible to the world personally and with your own business.


It underlines your uniqueness and shows how to create a distance within in order to recognize relevant themes of your personal and business topics with more sharpness. With this inner clarity you are encouraged to live your full potential and dedicate yourself to your creative projects with joy and new inspiration.


If you wish, you can book an individual, art orientated supervision with me personally during this week of the Summerlab.

Wild Heart Ibiza-Irina horvath.png

Irina Katinka Horvath is a Swiss Art Therapist, Highschool Teacher and since two decades is she studying in schools, psychiatric institutions and companies as a therapist, supervisor, teacher and speaker our intuition, resilience and boundaries and the own empowerment: to bring yourself into the world. She has got a wide knowledge and qualification in: dance, bodywork, body psychotherapy, energie techniques, MBSR, Vipassana, Kinesiology, Non-violent communication a.m.m. 

Alexandra Herdt

  Alexandra Herdt  

Personal Branding & Storytelling

Starter Package / IBZ Project 2023

What is the recipe behind a successful brand?

Why does storytelling play a big role today in self-marketing? And what steps are necessary to achieve it?

I want to pass this knowledge on to you in a nutshell, so that you will achieve first measurable results yourself within a very short time.

  • Creating and refining your own personal brand identity and voice

  • Identifying the platform that most allows you to shine

  • Tailoring your strategy to match your chosen platform and medium

  • Turning your personal brand into a business asset for your current business through storytelling concept

  • Increasing your visibility through your experiences and authenticity

  • And much more ....


We go through the first steps into personal branding and we will find awareness for that story you want to tell.

It's time to build your personal brand journey!



  • Enthusiasm and openness to realize the full potential for yourself personally

  • Willingness to step out of your comfort zone, from the inside out

  • Willingness to open a new chapter in your development

  • Willingness to change your current situation

Alexandra Herdt_edited_edited.jpg

Alexandra Herdt
BA in Business Administration & Social Media Specialist

Talent is good, practice is better, passion is best. Social media management, strategy, content & creative concepts based on storytelling with passion. A professional who always catches the right moment, story & experiences and knows exactly how to impact the community through building a communication with unique recognition values.

A successfull personality, artist or company on social media are not only characterized by followers, but by giving inspirations, authenticity and experiences.

Let's start to tell your story and create your social journey that will stay in memories.


Prices/ Summerlab 2023
01. —  08. Juli 2023

7 nights Accommodation & 6 x Meals

(light breakfast, lunch & Dinner):


DZ with shared bathroom                                                         €  690.-


DZ with own bathroom and terrace                                       €  795.- 


EZ with shared bathroom                                                          €  885.-


EZ with own bathroom and roof terrace                             

€ 1’060.-                

Course fee: € 925.-


  • please register soon, the groups are up to a maximum of 15 people

  • Language: English and German 



The Retreat takes place in a beautiful 400 year old Ibizencan country house whith a dance studio, an outdoor workspace, a mediterranean garden and a swimmingpool, situated in the country on the northside of the island near San Miguel. The house provides single and double rooms for guests up to 10 people. Just a few kilometers from the venue (10 min. by car), you will find one of the most lovely beaches of Ibiza.


Contact Me
Sandra Morrel | +34 637 269 884

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